Our founder Kitti Gould has been a member of SheSays – an award-winning organization running free mentorship and events for women in the creative and marketing businesses – for many years. In May, she will host an event in Personal Branding and Social Media, focused on developing your own brand to help raise your profile and further your career.

One woman’s wonderful journey to discovering her personal brand

“Like many creatives, I like “ings”. That is concepting, designing, photographing, writing, painting, styling, drawing, editing. Every day I find new “ings” that I want to research, attempt and eventually conquer. The best bosses I’ve had have embraced this as my USP (or unique selling point) and have shared their “ings” with me too.

I’ve had many evolutions throughout my career and at the start it was difficult to see how these various experiences could form a consistent personal brand. It wasn’t really until I moved to Chicago that I found my mixed bag of talents and interests were now being received in the “jack of all trades” category, rather than the “master of none”. My new bosses were open to hearing about my ideas for a crowd-based rewards program for one client, and brainstorming how my countless hours photographing food for my hobby blog could actually be useful for another.

For those of you who have moved overseas, you will understand the constant struggle for temporary anonymity, as I found I had a reputation as “the Aussie Art Director” whether I liked it or not. What I didn’t realise is that it was these experiences that were forcing me to speak up to shape the ideas and notions that popped up as soon as someone heard my name.

Back in Sydney and now with a voice that refused to be silenced, I decided to put my “ings” to good use. I harnessed my passion and expertise in food and lifestyle and launched an agency for branding and social media. Now I have discovered a wonderful group of clients for whom my ability to make tofu and kale look delicious is equally as important as being able to concept, write and creative direct an animation on French Bulldogs.

One of the most important realisations in this process was that it wasn’t that I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but rather I needed to make it clear to my audience what I was good at. The final step was being brave enough to focus on the industries I’m passionate about, and to put myself on the line by reaching out to them to show them what I can do. Now, I am focusing on building a strong personal brand, as well as a great reputation for my agency, and spending time conquering those “ings”.

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