Mother’s Day is that time of year where we get to thank that one person whom, although we often hate to admit it, always knows what’s best for us (or at least has our best interests at heart).

Our client Atelier Lumira wanted to do something special to say thanks to the mums out there, so we asked 13 of our favourite women what was the best piece of advice their mums ever gave to them. The results were varied and in some cases practical and hilarious!

My mum always told me “you can only control yourself”, which these days seems more and more truthful. What did you mum always tell you?

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Sabrina Meijer – afterDrk

“I think the best advice my mum ever gave me was to not compare myself to others and just focus on being myself.”


Amy Hamilton – Love Rush

The best piece of advice my Mum ever gave me – “Invest in good skincare and drink plenty of Water.”


Ashley Pratt – Stylist, Australian House & Garden

“Mum has always encouraged me to be strong and independent, to accept myself for who I am. Never to rely on someone else for the things I want or need but to make them happen for myself.”


Brooke Testoni

“The best advice my Mother ever gave me was to never care what other people think. Do what you want to do and don’t let others hold you back. It is funny because my husband has also always said that to me to this current day.”


Beck Wadworth – An Organised Life

“Be respectful, treat everyone with kindness, and always try your best.”


Emma Freebairn – Junior Fashion Editor, Sunday Style

“My mum’s best advice was to wash the dishes before I went to bed at night, always have clean nails and never walk in to the room without a smile.”


Heather Rivendell – HER Creative

There’s an old saying which she has instilled in me over the years “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”, she’s always been right, there’s never been a situation in my life that this hasn’t worked.”


Bucket List Girls – Ashleigh Powell

“Always iron your clothes before you go out, otherwise it looks like no-one owns you!”


Bucket List Girls – Hanna Axelsson Sahlen

“You have to laugh at things.”


Stephanie Waterman – The Style Philes

“My mum taught me to embrace colour!”


Clarice Chian – Brigadeiro

The best advice my mom (and dad too) ever game me was: “Don’t worry about your outer beauty, focus on your inner beauty, because that is what matters most, it will shine from within and to those who see you.”


Anna Harrison – Contributing Editor, Russh Magazine

“Go outside and get some sunshine!”


Jaharn Giles – Mister Weekender

“Never settle and always work for yourself.”

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